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About MustHost

A little background about myself:

As if you haven't already guessed my name is Shane Dentz and I own an maintain several domains, including the one you are now currently visiting.  During the big .com boom I was able to secure a few decent .coms that I thought would have been huge successes, if I simply got the websites up and running I would be in the money!!!  Boy was I wrong, see during this journey I experienced many dead ends, bumps, derailments and crashes!  Yet through it all I refused to give up and soldiered on regardless.  Thus my misfortunate can prevent you from making the same mistakes and avoiding many of these pitfalls all together.

We learn from our mistakes and experiences, here I will share my own personal struggles and successes with you and hope it benefits those who take the time to visit here.  I will also occasionally be offering exclusive very limited first come fist serve hosting accounts at extremely low rates.